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Experience Paris.
In the Heart of Kits.
open all day
For breakfast,
lunch and dinner.


French Bistro Culture for the Pacific Northwest

Our goal is to provide an experiential escape throughout the day, whether you’re in for a morning coffee before work or a feast for dinner. We’re open all day for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and dinner.

French ex-patriates Maxime Bettilli and Julien Aubin wanted to instill the classic French bistro culture into their community, while keeping it hip and approachable for all. Their desire to elevate the standards of cuisine without a pretentious atmosphere has cemented Au Comptoir as a highlight of the vibrant and eclectic Kitsilano food scene.


The restaurant is open all day from 8 am to 10 pm.

First come, first serve. no reservations.

we close on Tuesdays. see you soon!